The use of cookies is necessary for the use of our website.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your terminal when you access certain websites, allowing the latter to efficiently store and retrieve information about their configuration, browsing habits and other technical considerations by which this website can customize your experience on the web and adjust it to your preferences and characteristics.

¿Why do we use them?

Cookies are used in order to allow and facilitate the user’s interaction with it. In addition to the statistics services of our own or others, employed by the website.

There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a period of time not exceeding 12 months. Session cookies are temporarily stored and disappear when you close your browser.

What is the advantage of accepting cookies?

When you visit the website, these cookies collect information that is stored on your terminal. We use this information to provide you with products based on the items you have selected on your previous visits, thus making it easier for you to browse our site.

Accept/Deny cookies

You can choose at any time to accept or refuse the installation of cookies on your terminal by configuring your browser.

I accept the cookies

If a cookie is installed on a user terminal equipment, it is essentially subordinated to the will to accept it or not from the terminal, decision that can be expressed and modified at any time and free of charge through the options offered by the internet browser that has installed the user terminal equipment.

If the user of the terminal equipment has accepted in his browser that the cookies are accepted in his terminal, the cookies of the Internet pages that he has visited are stored temporarily in a space dedicated to it of the user’s terminal equipment. These cookies can only be read by the sender.

I deny the cookies

If you reject the installation of cookies on your user terminal or, if you delete those that were registered in other previous accesses, you should note that you will not be able to benefit from a number of utilities that are necessary to navigate in some areas of our website. Thus, for example, you cannot recognize the default language of the terminal equipment, the type of browser installed on the user terminal equipment in order to adapt the display of the website, the country from which the device is connected to the website, etc.

In this case of refusal to install cookies or their deletion by the user, does not assume any responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded operation of the services offered by the website; due to the impossibility of registering or viewing the cookies necessary for the perfect functioning of the website.

When you choose to reject cookies, however, we install a cookie called "reject". This cookie allows us to store your choice to avoid asking you every time you visit whether you want to accept or reject cookies.

How can cookies be removed?

You can easily delete cookies from your computer or mobile device by using your browser. If you wish, you can configure your browser to be notified on screen of the receipt of cookies, and to prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive. Please refer to your browser’s instructions and manuals for more information:

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